Anthony Hayne Agrees To Snitch in Occupy Cleveland Entrapment Case

Anthony “Tony” Hayne, 35 of Cleveland, Ohio has agreed to testify against his co-defendants: four activists associated with Occupy Cleveland that allegedly planned with an FBI informant to bomb a bridge. Hayne hopes to receive a lighter sentence in exchange for his testimony, which will increase the chances of the other four spending more time in prison. Anthony Hayne is a cowardly snitch. Rather than take responsibility for his own actions he is seeking to shift the blame onto others, who are much younger than he.

According to his attorney “He feels absolutely terrible” and “he’s very glad no one got hurt.” We agree that he should feel terrible but we doubt he does the way he should. When comrades snitch people get hurt. We hope that Hayne get’s hurt too and learns that snitching isn’t going to make things any easier for him.

Gail Stevens, mother of a 20-year-old defendant in the case spoke out today, against the FBI, and their use of convicted felon, 39-year-old Shaquille Azir. Stevens compared Azir to a “sexual predator.” Azir provided transportation, money and ultimately a phony bomb. It is claimed that he also provided the plan.


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    how nonviolence protects the state is available free to listen here….free downloads probably coming in a month or two


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