Portland Oregon Activists Vow Not to Talk to the Grand Jury!

[UPDATE: Since this post it has become clear that Leah-Lynn Plante cooperated with the grand jury. We are truly sorry to see things like this happen.]

We applaud Dennison Williams and Leah-Lynn Plante for their courage in refusing to talk to a grand jury investigating North-West anarchists. At least six individuals received subpoenas to the grand jury which is being held in Seattle. So far only Dennison and Leah are resisting publicly, but that doesn’t mean that the others are cooperating. Their courage, which could land them in jail for months has not gone unnoticed by those who support freedom.

  • Atlanta, GA – banner drop
  • Atlanta, GA – an attack on parking meters
  • NYC – a banner drop
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN – a solidarity demonstration
  • East St. Louis, IL – an attack on a courthouse
  • Oakland, CA – an attack on a police substation
  • Oakland, CA – an attack on 2 police vehicles and a police recruitment center
  • Kirkland, WA – an attack on a courthouse
  • San Francisco, CA – an attack on 9 police vehicles
  • Seattle, WA – a banner drop
  • Oakland, CA – a banner drop
  • San Francisco, CA – a banner drop
  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA – a beautiful statement of solidarity
  • East St. Louis, IL –  an attack on police vehicles
  • Bloomington, IN – a noise demonstration outside of a jail

More public support is expected to follow as there is a call-out for a week of solidarity during the days of August 24th to August 31st.


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