Unnamed Informants at the Source of West Coast Grand Jury Scare

Police believe that they have identified the individual on the right, thanks to tips from multiple informants, pictured in front of Nike Town on May first, 2012.

Recently released public documents are shedding light on the ongoing federal grand jury investigation that has been targeting anarchists from Washington State to Portland, Oregon. One of the targets of police investigators was supposedly identified “after two people who knew details about him called police on the May Day tip line,” according to the Seattle PI report on the documents. Allegedly those under investigation participated in the trashing of many corporate stores, banks and a federal courthouse in downtown Seattle on May Day. We expect that eventually the identities of these informants will be known, and they will receive the reception they deserve.

The National Lawyers Guild has offered support via their national hotline to those targeted as a result of grand jury investigations.


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