NATO 5 Case Undercover Still Spying On Chicago Activists

danny edwards medicMeet “Danny Edwards” a “street-medic” who has tried to integrate himself to Chicago activist communities. Danny’s real friends call him “Sabi” which would be strange except that the real strange thing about “Danny” is that his actual name is Sebastian Senakiewicz. Or you could just call him Officer Senakiewicz of the Chicago Police Department. “Danny” is refereed to as “Undercover Officer C” in search warrant documents from the pre-emptive police raid on an anarchist home prior to the 2012 NATO Summit in Chicago.

In March 2012 Officer Senakiewicz attended a 20-hour street-medic training offered by Chicago Action Medical (CAM). There he socialized with other activists and expressed an interest, to at least one individual, in Molotov cocktails and property damage.  During May Day demonstrations that year he roused further suspicion by abandoning his street medic partner to follow around demonstrators in black bloc.

Officer Senakiewic was included on a CAM email list but instead of participating in on-list discussions he instead emailed list members individually fishing for information about upcoming actions. In one case he made the mistake of including his real, legal name!

It’s too much to hope that every law enforcement officer monitoring anarchists will make such idiotic slip ups. Radical communities must practice good security culture and share information about red flags like the ones Officer Senakiewic raised, without of course judging or casting suspicions on people who may legitimately be interested in property destruction as a tactic or not adept at fitting in socially. Strong unified communities that communicate are more resilient and positioned to guard against infiltrators and spies.

Jerry Koch Has Been Locked Up For Not Being A Snitch!

jerrysketch-webNYC based anarchist and activist Gerald Koch is now indefinitely locked up as both punishment and officially to coerce him into becoming an informant for the sate. This is how the law works. Anyone can be locked up for refusing to cooperate with a grand jury. When facing Judge John F. Keenan on contempt of court charges for not speaking Jerry’s lawyer was shouted down by the judge who said “He no longer has a 5th amendment right!”

Jerry believes that he is being targeted because authorities think that he heard in a bar someone indicate that they knew “the bicycle bomber“. Prosecutors are now seeking the identity of the person who they believe indicated that they know the person behind the 2008 bombing of the Times Sq. military recruitment center. More likely the police and prosecutors are simply fishing for information about anarchists generally.  If authorities do actually believe that Jerry heard someone speak about the bicycle bomber, then it begs the question who in the bar was informing for the police.

We are in solidarity with Jerry and encourage people to support him by writing letters and giving money to him commissary fund.


Fake Street Medic Infiltrates Seattle Black Bloc Spotted One Year Later


A yet to be identified individual posing as a street medic who infiltrated a black bloc demonstration during last year’s May Day protests in Seattle was spotted again trying to gain entrance to another anarchist event. The individual in question, pictured above, was masked, wearing black clothing, and identified himself as a street medic both audibly and by clothing / insignia. During the demonstration he was documented on video approaching and providing details about participants responsible for the property destruction of a federal building to a pro-state, pro-police vigilante group called Rain City Superhero Movement who then pepper sprayed protesters. This individual’s actions on May Day 2012 led directly to violence perpetrated against anarchists.

The exchange between the “medic” and the vigilante clowns can be viewed in this video about a minute and fifteen seconds into the clip.

This is not the first time hostile agents have sought to infiltrate a demonstration by posing a a street medic. “Anna,” the FBI informant in the case against Eric McDavid, participated in numerous demonstrations as a medic. As it turned out she was not there to provide medical aid nor was she, it’s believed, even capable of doing so.

We encourage anarchists in Seattle to find more info about this supposed “medic” and to expose as much information about him and his identity as possible. Stay safe!