Fake Street Medic Infiltrates Seattle Black Bloc Spotted One Year Later


A yet to be identified individual posing as a street medic who infiltrated a black bloc demonstration during last year’s May Day protests in Seattle was spotted again trying to gain entrance to another anarchist event. The individual in question, pictured above, was masked, wearing black clothing, and identified himself as a street medic both audibly and by clothing / insignia. During the demonstration he was documented on video approaching and providing details about participants responsible for the property destruction of a federal building to a pro-state, pro-police vigilante group called Rain City Superhero Movement who then pepper sprayed protesters. This individual’s actions on May Day 2012 led directly to violence perpetrated against anarchists.

The exchange between the “medic” and the vigilante clowns can be viewed in this video about a minute and fifteen seconds into the clip.

This is not the first time hostile agents have sought to infiltrate a demonstration by posing a a street medic. “Anna,” the FBI informant in the case against Eric McDavid, participated in numerous demonstrations as a medic. As it turned out she was not there to provide medical aid nor was she, it’s believed, even capable of doing so.

We encourage anarchists in Seattle to find more info about this supposed “medic” and to expose as much information about him and his identity as possible. Stay safe!


One comment on “Fake Street Medic Infiltrates Seattle Black Bloc Spotted One Year Later

  1. okay says:

    I think this fellow is just liberal snitch, but I could be wrong.

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