NATO 5 Case Undercover Still Spying On Chicago Activists

danny edwards medicMeet “Danny Edwards” a “street-medic” who has tried to integrate himself to Chicago activist communities. Danny’s real friends call him “Sabi” which would be strange except that the real strange thing about “Danny” is that his actual name is Sebastian Senakiewicz. Or you could just call him Officer Senakiewicz of the Chicago Police Department. “Danny” is refereed to as “Undercover Officer C” in search warrant documents from the pre-emptive police raid on an anarchist home prior to the 2012 NATO Summit in Chicago.

In March 2012 Officer Senakiewicz attended a 20-hour street-medic training offered by Chicago Action Medical (CAM). There he socialized with other activists and expressed an interest, to at least one individual, in Molotov cocktails and property damage.  During May Day demonstrations that year he roused further suspicion by abandoning his street medic partner to follow around demonstrators in black bloc.

Officer Senakiewic was included on a CAM email list but instead of participating in on-list discussions he instead emailed list members individually fishing for information about upcoming actions. In one case he made the mistake of including his real, legal name!

It’s too much to hope that every law enforcement officer monitoring anarchists will make such idiotic slip ups. Radical communities must practice good security culture and share information about red flags like the ones Officer Senakiewic raised, without of course judging or casting suspicions on people who may legitimately be interested in property destruction as a tactic or not adept at fitting in socially. Strong unified communities that communicate are more resilient and positioned to guard against infiltrators and spies.


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