FBI’s Classic Divide-and-Conquer Tactics Tried Again in NYC


The following statement was passed on to us by some comrades in the NYC area:

In the past week, individuals in New York City have been visited by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. They say that they are investigating the 2008 bombing of the Times Square military recruitment center, and have been asking about many different individuals.

According to the FBI’s recent June 2013 report, the bomb used in the incident, described at the time as unsophisticated, was made out of an ammunition can commonly used in the fields of Iraq and Afghanistan. The bombing occurred at around 3:30 in the morning. No one was near to get injured and it caused only minor damage to the center. The height, weight, age, sex and race of the suspect are unknown. Let’s keep it this way.

It is possible that this FBI investigation is only peripherally related to the open grand jury investigation that has imprisoned anarchist Jerry Koch. While Jerry has been granted immunity from the bombing incident, he is currently imprisoned at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in order to coerce him to inform on others who are suspected.

The FBI’s current focus on specific people exploits ongoing rifts in activist circles, in an effort to glean information to persecute and imprison individuals. During the recent spate of FBI visits, agents have been suggesting that multiple people have been identified as responsible for the Times Square recruitment center bombing, using methods such as insinuating that those accused are themselves already informants for the state. All of this is an obvious effort to encourage others to inform on each other. Law enforcement agents are legally allowed to lie to accomplish their missions. This is a simple divide-and-conquer tactic exploiting the already fractured anarchist scene. It is understandable that the FBI would choose weak points in our community to try to sever the spirit and resolve of all who might come together to fight against oppression. We hope that each one of us can see the benefit of fighting activist repression in whatever form it takes.

Stay strong, understand your rights, and remember what we have in common. We can galvanize our communities and fight against the wedge tactics of the state. If they had enough evidence to charge anyone then someone would have already been arrested and charged. The FBI needs us to make their case. It’s up to us not to give them what they want.

If faced with questioning by any police or FBI, you do not need to talk to them. You do not need to let them in your home without a valid warrant. They are legally allowed to lie to you. Ask for a business card and call the National Lawyers Guild at 212-679-6018. Below is a link to information about the rights you have when the FBI comes to question you.


D.C. Police Undercover Outed After Years of Spying

n rizzi

D.C. Police Officer Nicole Rizzi

Washington D.C. Police Officer Nicole Rizzi presented herself to anti-sweat shop student activists as “Missy” sometime in 2009. Strangely “Missy” seemed very committed and even attended poorly publicized protests but seemed not to know any participants. “Missy” was revealed to be police officer Nicole Rizzi when Lacy MacAuley, a D.C. area activist checked out her real life, but recently deleted twitter profile @snufftastic. The account featured 8,000 plus tweets about working as an undercover police officer, but stupidly contained both a photo and a first name!

After some internet searching numerous other social personal profiles were uncovered including Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress and Yfrog, some of which are still accessible to the public. On Monday a lawsuit was filed by the United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) against Rizzi, the city of Washington D.C., and D.C.’s mayor. A 2004 law passed by the D.C. Council severely restricts police from infiltrating advocacy and activist groups.

Rizzi didn’t limit her spying to labor / anti-sweat shop demonstrations, but also was spotted at environmental anti-tar sands protests. One of her later tweets from July 30th was “Fucking kill me, job. Seriously, This is not worth any amount of money.” To her we say D.I.Y..

Food Not Bombs Tampa Targeted By Provocateur

Al Suarez Tampa FNB

Al Suarez

A year after the Tampa Florida chapter of Food Not Bombs was inundated by disruptive “suspected police informants” in the lead up to and throughout the Republican National Convention at least one individual Al Suarez, who according to FNB informed on activists has reappeared at a Justice for Trayvon rally. Suarez issued what he called “a citizens arrest warrant” against Occupy activist Susie Shannon who was part of Occupy Tampa, and involved with banning him from the encampment in response to “numerous accounts of predatory and sexually harassing behavior dating back to 2010.”

Food Not Bombs Tampa also says that Suarez is a collaborator of the informant Thomas Parisi. Parisi gave fear mongering interviews to the media, and posted videos on YouTube that named activists planning to protest the 2012 RNC. He warned of 30,000 demonstrators who would descend on Tampa including thousands of hardcore black bloc anarchists who would destroy the city! Parisi had been affiliated with Occupy Miami but soon fell out with the movement and started a counter Occupy effort called “Occupy RNC” which he claimed was working “under the law.” Presumably he meant under the direction of law enforcement. Watch out for these shirtless fuckers!


Thomas Parisi