Food Not Bombs Tampa Targeted By Provocateur

Al Suarez Tampa FNB

Al Suarez

A year after the Tampa Florida chapter of Food Not Bombs was inundated by disruptive “suspected police informants” in the lead up to and throughout the Republican National Convention at least one individual Al Suarez, who according to FNB informed on activists has reappeared at a Justice for Trayvon rally. Suarez issued what he called “a citizens arrest warrant” against Occupy activist Susie Shannon who was part of Occupy Tampa, and involved with banning him from the encampment in response to “numerous accounts of predatory and sexually harassing behavior dating back to 2010.”

Food Not Bombs Tampa also says that Suarez is a collaborator of the informant Thomas Parisi. Parisi gave fear mongering interviews to the media, and posted videos on YouTube that named activists planning to protest the 2012 RNC. He warned of 30,000 demonstrators who would descend on Tampa including thousands of hardcore black bloc anarchists who would destroy the city! Parisi had been affiliated with Occupy Miami but soon fell out with the movement and started a counter Occupy effort called “Occupy RNC” which he claimed was working “under the law.” Presumably he meant under the direction of law enforcement. Watch out for these shirtless fuckers!

Thomas Parisi


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