Child Rapist / Informant Outed in Seattle

pedo informantRobert Childs, a convicted child rapist who previously worked as an informant for Seattle Police and the FBI, was spotted at anarchist events offering to help out, and looking to get involved. After May Day 2012 Childs was seen at numerous activist community events, including a barbeque asking pointed and cliche questions about where he could find the ‘leaders’ of the black bloc.

Childs became an informant working for both local law enforcement and the FBI after offering to to set up a Muslim man, Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif with mental health issues for a terrorism charge. Childs was paid more than $90,000 for his work setting up Abdul-Latif in that case.

In 2012 Childs joined the Seattle-based street theater protest group, Salish Salish Circa Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) using the name Robert Vincent or Sarg’nt Yell’r. He has also used the names Robert Joe Childs, Zechariah Childs, 
A.M. Khan, Ismail White,
 and Zech Zelli. Before being outed as an informant by Earth First!, Childs was outed back in June as a “The Clown Creep” for sexual harassment and groping a younger female activist. The author Tawnee Cowan, revealed that he “likes to troll coffee shops in search of young or new or pretty activists… he has a certain charm which is quite gross.” and that he was living on a houseboat on S Lake Union off 6th St. on the Queen Anne side in Seattle, Washington.

“He was last seen in the Portland[, Oregon,] area. Then recently in the Puyallup area. He is reported to be traveling on a renovated school bus, possibly with a young female companion.

“He MAY have recently attended a NW Rainbow event and/or another music festival in Oregon. He MAY be attempting to infiltrate the Rainbow Family community. He may have altered his appearance again.”

Pacific North West activists and those close to them, as well as others need to be on alert and always cautious about monstrous clowns like this.


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