Brandon Darby Can’t Stand To Be Ignored

brandon darby snitch flier The new documentary film Informant, by Jamie Meltzer which opened in select theaters on September 13th, seeks to cloud the issue of who Brandon Darby is, and what motivated his actions that helped the FBI send two young protesters to prison. Darby’s character is well known within activist circles and a previous film on the subject: Better This World is already available, as is an hour long radio investigation produced by This American Life. With little left to add Meltzer took the bizarre approach of having Darby reenact for the cameras portions of the story that have made him famous.

In promoting the film Darby has gone head to head (via video link) with David McKay, one of the individuals he helped send to prison. Darby continues to try and paint himself as a hero, but simply reveals that he is little more than a narcissistic egomaniac whose greatest fear is that people will stop paying attention to him.

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