Jailhouse Snitch Used To Persecute NATO 5 Prisoner

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NATO 5 prisoner Mark “Migs” Neiweem has been in solitary confinement (the hole) at the Pontiac Correction Center for three months. Mark was found in violation of two departmental rules: possessing gang symbols, and possessing “written material that presents a serious threat to the safety and security of persons or the facility.” Prison authorities employed a jailhouse snitch in their effort to make their case against him. The inmate informant asked Mark about his beliefs and reported to prison authorities that he was attempting to recruit other prisoners to “be part of a collective.”

Mark’s lawyers are pursuing legal avenues to appeal these charges and his sentencing. Mark has been seperated from other inmates before but thanks to outside pressure his privledges were resoted. To help Mark to get out of solitary confinement call S. A. Godinez, Director of the Illinois Department of Corrections, at (217) 558-2200 and Pat Quinn, Governor of Illinois, at (217) 782-0244 and ask to speak with them. Ask them:

Why is Mark Neiweem being held in solitary confinement for his
political views?
Why is Mark Neiweem being punished for having literature that was
approved by the Pontiac Correctional Center mail room?
Why is Mark Neiweem being treated like a gang member for his political
Why is Mark Neiweem still being held behind a steel door within
solitary confinement, despite no record of violence?
Why is Mark Neiweem being denied access to resources for his upcoming
release, including the GED class he enrolled in and the Narcotics
Anonymous meetings he voluntarily attended?
Remove Mark from solitary now and uphold his parole date of November 12!

Additionally, you can email your concerns to their offices: Director Godinez, and Governor Quinn.

Write Mark:

Mark Neiweem
Pontiac Correctional Center
PO Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764

Mark has plenty of books but has requested photos, zines, essays, and news articles (preferably positive ones). All of the above should be printed on regular computer paper with no staples, stickers, or tape.

Occupy Wall Street Undercover Cop Outed After Road Rage Incident

Wojciech Braszczok nypd

NYPD Detective Wojciech Braszczok A.k.a. Albert

Wojciech Braszczok is a Detective (for now) in the exclusive NYPD Intelligence Division & Counter-Terrorism Bureau, who worked undercover gathering intelligence and keeping tabs on Occupy Wall Street and related protest movements. Within Occupy he went by the name “Albert” or simply “Al.” He was a regular though somewhat quiet presence at OWS meeting and marches, as well as the Occupy Sandy mutual aid relief effort response to Super Storm Sandy last October. Most activists within the Occupy movement familiar with Braszczok described him as more of an acquaintance than a friend or someone that they knew much about. He did attend social gatherings such as birthday parties etc., including one as recently as September.

Braszczok’s double life came to an abrupt end shortly after he participated in a much publicized, and well documented road rage incident in which motor-bikers became involved in a  conflict that escalated into a high speed chase and beating of an SUV driver. Braszczok was caught on video punching out the rear window of the SUV and kicking the vehicle. He has since been indited on riot and criminal mischief charges.

When he wasn’t hanging around Zuccotti Park and the protests that originated there, he spent his time riding motorcycles and trolling the Internet for for women who he photographed in various stages of undress, sometimes with him. One of the ways he attempted to meet women was through an online dating profile. He also tweeted offensive things about women, who he reffered to in in one tweet as “fat bitches” and “skinny bitches.” He used the online handle “Evovillen” for twitter but also a variety of other websites including the dating site. It seemed that as “Evovillen” Braszczok mixed personal with professional, sometimes tweeting with individuals with no obvious connection to political activism about clubs and shows and even referring to an NYPD helicopter as “our own.” In one online posting under the same name he talked about being a police officer and having worked on patrol in Long Island City. At other times he followed activists and anarchist groups like In Our Hearts, an anarchist group affiliated with Occupy and supporters of anarchist political prisoner Jeremy Hammond. “Evovillen” tweeted about being at a demonstration in support of Hammond last April and called for others to attend.

Details about the extent to which Braszczok spied on activists and possibly worked to disrupt their efforts are still emerging. He was arrested while undercover during a small Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Grand Central Terminal on August 17, 2012. He and two others who were arrested as well had their charges dropped. The two other individuals filed suits against the arrests as unlawful and won a settlement from the city. Braszczok chose not to sue for what are now obvious reasons.

Braszczok claimed to have gone to Montreal to participate in the student anti-tuition demonstrations there in the Spring of 2012 but that has yet to be confirmed. He did attend solidarity demonstrations in NYC. Officer Braszczok is about 6′ with short dark hair. He is 32 and lives in Ridgewood, Queens.

Green Scare Snitch on the Loose in Seattle

Jennifer Kolar

Jennifer Kolar

Jen Kolar was a key cooperating witness in the “Operation Backfire” Greenscare case against the Earth and Animal Liberation Fronts that began with arrests in late 2005. Kolar began cooperating with law enforcement in late 2005. She was referred to in FBI documents as “CW 3” which indicates that she was the third former activist connected to the case who offered to become a “cooperating witness” and help prosecute others, after it looked like she may face prosecution herself.

The information she provided led directly to the arrest and successful prosecution of at least one other individual, who she later testified against in open court. Kolar saved evidence from actions she participated in presumably just in case she needed to use that evidence against her friends in the future.

Two accused co-conspirators of Kolar’s, including an ex-boyfriend of hers, are still at large. If arrested she will undoubtedly be called to, and legally obligated to, testify against them.

Kolar was involved in a variety of environmental and animal rights causes, but left activism behind to focus on a professional career as a software engineer. She lists her professional skills on a linkedin profile.

Before her cooperation and arrest she was an avid yacht racer, and although sadly Kolar had to sell her yacht and give up her club membership before reporting to prison, it seems that she is back on the water. As recently as March she was racing in a boat called Freedom X out of the Quatermaster Yacht Club.

Kolar is now marketing herself as a dog trainer around Seattle. Those interested in requesting her services as a dog trainer are being encouraged to contact her via email at j.kolar@pawstrainingcenters.com or by calling her at (206) 486-2714. She is also on facebook.

FBI Employee Attempts To Integrate Into Portland Activist Community

Vahid Brown FBIFrom the Committee Against Political Repression:

Vahid Brown was or is an FBI instructor at the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, who has recently been attempting to integrate himself into radical and activist scenes in Portland. As an instructor for the CTC’s FBI counter-terrorism training program, he designed curricula on Islamist terrorism and taught regular courses both at the FBI Academy and for Joint Terrorism Task Force training events at FBI Field Offices throughout the United States.

According to FOIA records obtained by the ACLU, it is clear that Vahid was training new FBI recruits for the CTC from 2008-2010. His classes included: Origins of Islam, Islam and Militancy, Modern Jihadist Groups, Islamic Terrorism and the Internet, How Terror Networks Use the Internet, and Radicalization.

Vahid Brown attended Reed College in Portland from 2003 – 2006, and recently has been attempting to re-integrate himself into radical and activist scenes in Portland. He portrays himself as “an activist and woodland creature who has been reading poetry at Portland coffeehouses, ballrooms, and basement bars for nearly twenty years.”

Vahid Brown has worked for the FBI, and as such should be thoroughly unwelcome among anarchists, radicals, and activists. Though his area of expertise is Islamic militancy rather than anarchism, he is still a threat and should not be tolerated, just like any other FBI employee, agent, informant, infiltrator, or cop who attempts to become friendly with radicals.

An agent of the state who has the same subcultural interests as you is still an agent of the state.

An agent of the state who calls himself an activist is still an agent of the state.

An agent of the state who works to destroy the lives of people who aren’t necessarily anarchists is still an agent of the state.


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