Green Scare Snitch on the Loose in Seattle

Jennifer Kolar

Jennifer Kolar

Jen Kolar was a key cooperating witness in the “Operation Backfire” Greenscare case against the Earth and Animal Liberation Fronts that began with arrests in late 2005. Kolar began cooperating with law enforcement in late 2005. She was referred to in FBI documents as “CW 3” which indicates that she was the third former activist connected to the case who offered to become a “cooperating witness” and help prosecute others, after it looked like she may face prosecution herself.

The information she provided led directly to the arrest and successful prosecution of at least one other individual, who she later testified against in open court. Kolar saved evidence from actions she participated in presumably just in case she needed to use that evidence against her friends in the future.

Two accused co-conspirators of Kolar’s, including an ex-boyfriend of hers, are still at large. If arrested she will undoubtedly be called to, and legally obligated to, testify against them.

Kolar was involved in a variety of environmental and animal rights causes, but left activism behind to focus on a professional career as a software engineer. She lists her professional skills on a linkedin profile.

Before her cooperation and arrest she was an avid yacht racer, and although sadly Kolar had to sell her yacht and give up her club membership before reporting to prison, it seems that she is back on the water. As recently as March she was racing in a boat called Freedom X out of the Quatermaster Yacht Club.

Kolar is now marketing herself as a dog trainer around Seattle. Those interested in requesting her services as a dog trainer are being encouraged to contact her via email at or by calling her at (206) 486-2714. She is also on facebook.


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