Jerry Koch Released After 8 Months Behind Bars For Not Talking

Free Jerry Koch Spread Anarchy Grand JuryAnarchist grand jury resister Jerry Koch has been released after eight months behind bars for refusing to testify against others before a federal grand jury. It is believed that the grand jury was investigating the 2008 “bicycle bomber” attack on the Time’s Square military recruitment center.

U.S. District Judge John F. Keenan was convinced to release Jerry after a brief written by National Lawyers Guild attorney Moira Meltzer-Cohen, which was submitted before Christmas. It was possible for him to be held on civil contempt for 18 months.

Though Jerry was never accused of committing a crime himself, he still spent the better part of a year locked up in a dehumanizing facility without any idea of when his confinement would end. Please support him as he adjusts to living outside a of cage. Remember that Jerry refused to sacrifice his integrity or his principles, in exchange for his personal freedom.

Non-Cooperating Green Scare Defendant Sentenced

Rebecca Rubin Earth n Animal Liberation FrontToday, former Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front member Rebecca Rubin was sentenced to five years in federal prison for participating in a series of acts of arson that left numerous targets in ruins. She accepted responsibility for her actions and even apologized to those she may have hurt, but she did not name names.

Rubin was arrested after surrendering to authorities in 2012, six years after a warrant was issued for her arrest. According to the government sentencing guidelines: “Even now the government is unaware of what defendant did during this interim period, where she was, and who may have harbored her, and she refuses to talk about it.” Providing assistance to a fugitive can be a serious crime, so it is encouraging to see her remain silent on this subject.

Even more serious, two of Rebecca’s alleged co-conspirators are still at large. In the words of the state: “Defendant elected, however, not to identify certain people with whom she conspired and committed the crimes in this case. That, of course, is her right, but it restricts her usefulness.” They also noted  that she has “a continuing desire to protect the last remaining fugitives.”

We applaud Rebecca Rubin for maintaining her courage and integrity. She will soon be transferred to federal prison where she can consistently receive letters of solidarity, as well as books, and funds to purchase food and other necessities not provided to her by the prison.

Once released Rebecca will be forced to serve a two year period of supervised release and will be ordered to pay “$13,905,815.90 in mandatory restitution” to the victims (earth rapers and animal abusers) of her “crimes.” Support Rebecca Rubin!

Convictions Aided by Undercover Cop Thrown Out in UK

Mark Kennedy Stone UK Police Spy

Mark Kennedy

Environmental direct action activists arrested with the aid of notorious undercover police officer Mark Kennedy, have had their convictions vacated by an appeals court. In 2008 the activists stopped and occupied a coal train that was transporting 42,000 tons of coal to the Drax power station, in a protest against the callous destruction of earth to extract coal.

Kennedy was a London police officer who spent years on the international activist scene pretending to be an environmentalist and an anarchist. He was unmasked in 2011, with the aid of spreadsheets and through old fashion detective work, by a group of activists who spent years trying to reveal police informants in their midst.

On Tuesday three senior judges vacated the convictions of 29 activists who participated in the 2008 action. The judges had harsh words for the conduct of the prosecutor who brought the charges against the activists and who withheld evidence that would have exposed Kennedy as a source. Kennedy was present at activist planning meetings, and played a crucial role by driving a van and transporting activists. Without Kennedy’s involvement, the action would not have been able to take place when it did. The ongoing legal fallout from this case alone is estimated at least 1 million pounds or nearly 2 million dollars.

Lawyer Accuses Police of Torching an Anarchist Puppet

rnc protest green dragon puppet fireAs President George W. Bush was poised to accept the Republican Party nomination for president in 2004, anarchists paraded outside the Madison Square Garden convention location with a large green papier-mâché dragon that suddenly became engulfed in flames. According to an elderly bystander, Eric Cashdan, an electronics manufacturing representative, the fire and ensuing chaos was of no surprise to high ranking police at the scene who predicted the action and knew the identity of the arsonist.

“They were rubbing elbows with me on my left side,” said Mr. Cashdan. “One pointed toward the dragon and said, ‘He’s the one who’s going to light it.’ As if they knew in advance that someone was going to set it on fire.” A photograph of the senior officer was presented to the NYPD, but they refused to identify him.

The dragon had been at the lead of an anarchist contingent organized by the Don’t Just Vote Get Active campaign which was affiliated with CrimethInc.. Many members of the contingent were dressed in black bloc style clothing and carried black umbrellas. Once the fire broke out, the crowd scattered and police began aggressively making arrests. Amongst those arrested was Yusuke Joshua Banno, an anarchist from Tucson in town for the protest. The NYPD and the district attorney tried to paint Josh as the ringleader of a conspiracy to start the fire and create chaos in the streets. Thanks to cops who were willing to lie under oath and provide eye witness testimony claiming that Josh started the fire it is likely that Josh would have been convicted and sentenced to prison for a decade or more.

Fortunately time-sequence photographs taken by a Daily News photographer surfaced. The pictures clearly showed Josh far from where the fire began and obviously not in a position where he could have lit it. Ultimately charges were dropped, but not after Josh’s life and that of his family’s had been totally upended forcing them to relocate their homes thousands of miles away to NYC.

While the criminal cases have concluded, allowing Josh to resume his life in Arizona, a civil case brought by him against the city is ongoing. It is as a result of that ongoing litigation that evidence has surfaced that the police played a greater role in starting the fire than was previously believed by many. Jeffrey Fogel, a lawyer in the case stated: “It is our firm belief that the out-of-jurisdiction cop participated in torching the green dragon. Josh’s arrest was a cover-up for that.”

In the immediate aftermath of the fire and the police response, various internet sites including the once popular Indymedia, were abuzz with conspiracy theories about undercover police provocateurs who may have started the fire. One piece of evidence they had for this was a prominent photograph that showed a masked person running away from the burning dragon head wearing a green bracelet on their right wrist. The NYPD will have something they call “the color of the day” to designate who is “on the job,” which is police parlance for working as a cop. Police on duty will know “the color of the day,” which is often worn on a wristband, and will know not to beat or arrest those individuals. It is believed that green was “the color of the day” on August 29th, 2004, when the dragon was burned. It now seems more likely that some of these theories were on the mark.

This calls to mind the more recent cases of the Canadian undercover police who were caught carrying rocks, trying to infiltrate another anarchist contingent at a union sponsored 2007 protest in Quebec, or of Mark Kennedy, the British cop who infiltrated anarchist movements and traveled aboard to numerous countries, including to Germany where he is known to have been responsible for an act of arson. It is not unlikely that there are also cops deep undercover in the U.S. anarchist movement that could be engaging in similar activities.

Thank You to Those Who Risked So Much to Expose COINTELPRO!

It was only thanks to the daring, courage and creativity of eight activist, the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI, who broke into the Media, Pennsylvania FBI field offices on March 8, 1971 that the public came to know what the term COINTELPRO means and the lengths to which the state has gone to repress dissent. Only now decades later have the identities of most of the people responsible for the raid been revealed. Keith Forsyth, John C. Raines, Bonnie Raines, Bob Williamson, William C. Davidon, and three others whose identities remain unknown were anti-war Catholic activists motivated by suspicions that the FBI had infiltrated and were disrupting their movement and organizations.

The activist’s goal was to expose this affront to liberty. Their actions were successful and as a result it became more difficult for the government to suppress dissent. In revealing their identities now they hope to spark debate about how police and government agencies are today repressing free speech through a hyper surveillance state.

Stealing J. Edgar Hoover’s Secrets RetroReport Documentary

All Is Not Well For WikiLeaks Snitch

Sigurdur Siggi ThordarsonIf you believe his version of events, Sigurdur “Siggi” Thordarson was a teenage globetrotting representative of WikiLeaks and confidante of Julian Assange, when he decided to share their secrets with the FBI. According to WikiLeaks, Thordarson never had a significant role in their organization, but he did steal tens of thousands of dollars in t-shirt and other merchandise revenue. Most of the people who have dealt with Thordarson on a personal level warn that he is not to be taken at his word. Icelandic parliament member and WikiLeaks supporter Birgitta Jónsdottír goes so far as to call him a pathological liar.

It’s important to keep all that in mind when reading David Kushner’s Rolling Stone piece that relies in part on information provided by Thordarson. Thordarson admits that he decided to reach out to the FBI in August 2011, as WikiLeaks was publishing documents that had been passed to them by Hector Xavier Monsegur a.k.a. Sabu. Sabu was an Anonymous-affiliated hacker who helped found LulzSec, but by that time he was working for the FBI himself.

Both Sabu and Thordarson spent a great many hours trying to set up and entrap one another and even coax the the other to agree to meet in person to enable a bust that they hoped would please their FBI masters. It wasn’t until much later when Sabu was outed as a rat in the press that Thordarson realized why his FBI handlers had been indifferent to those efforts and how futile they were.

Like the American Earth Liberation Front snitch Frank Ambrose, Thordarson held onto a large trove of potential evidence in case he should ever choose to use it to his personal advantage. Numerous hard-drives, documents, chat logs, and data relevant to WikiLeaks and Assange were handed over to the the FBI. Thordarson claims that he decided to become an informant after considering he could possibly face arrest and prison for his work with WikiLeaks, but also because he thought it would be exciting to be a spy for the FBI.

Thordarson’s special relationship with U.S. authorities didn’t seem to help him when he, now 21-years-old, was convicted of improper sexual misconduct with a minor. He is currently appealing an eight month sentence and fighting numerous unrelated criminal fraud charges. Like the FBI, Sigurdur Thordarson has a very flexible relationship with the truth, but that’s not likely to serve either of them well should he be called to testify against any of the WikiLeaks activists.

Activist Filmaker Sheds More Light on the Case of Mark Kennedy

Jason Kirkpatrick has yet to complete his film Spied Upon about how he and many others were tricked into befriending, working with, and even carrying on intimate and sexual relationships with Mark Kennedy, an undercover police officer. Kirkpatrick is however touring to promote his yet to be finished film and share footage from it, as well as his person story of having trusted Mark Kennedy. He recently got together with Will Potter to explain why this case is so important to activists in North America where Kennedy was also active, though less so.

Before being exposed, Kennedy went into business spying on activists, and later was employed by a U.S. based private security firm called the Densus Group. After being fired from the police he relocated to Cleveland, Ohio. He has since relocated to Los Angeles, California where he claims he is advising the LA County Sheriff’s Department.