Activist Filmaker Sheds More Light on the Case of Mark Kennedy

Jason Kirkpatrick has yet to complete his film Spied Upon about how he and many others were tricked into befriending, working with, and even carrying on intimate and sexual relationships with Mark Kennedy, an undercover police officer. Kirkpatrick is however touring to promote his yet to be finished film and share footage from it, as well as his person story of having trusted Mark Kennedy. He recently got together with Will Potter to explain why this case is so important to activists in North America where Kennedy was also active, though less so.

Before being exposed, Kennedy went into business spying on activists, and later was employed by a U.S. based private security firm called the Densus Group. After being fired from the police he relocated to Cleveland, Ohio. He has since relocated to Los Angeles, California where he claims he is advising the LA County Sheriff’s Department.


2 comments on “Activist Filmaker Sheds More Light on the Case of Mark Kennedy

  1. […] direct action activists arrested with the aid of notorious undercover police officer Mark Kennedy, have had their convictions vacated by an appeals court. In 2008 the activists stopped and occupied […]

  2. […] Although the main targets mentioned here are computer activists, those familiar with the case of Mark Kennedy or Eric McDavid know that these techniques have been put into practice in an effort to disrupt […]

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