Non-Cooperating Green Scare Defendant Sentenced

Rebecca Rubin Earth n Animal Liberation FrontToday, former Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front member Rebecca Rubin was sentenced to five years in federal prison for participating in a series of acts of arson that left numerous targets in ruins. She accepted responsibility for her actions and even apologized to those she may have hurt, but she did not name names.

Rubin was arrested after surrendering to authorities in 2012, six years after a warrant was issued for her arrest. According to the government sentencing guidelines: “Even now the government is unaware of what defendant did during this interim period, where she was, and who may have harbored her, and she refuses to talk about it.” Providing assistance to a fugitive can be a serious crime, so it is encouraging to see her remain silent on this subject.

Even more serious, two of Rebecca’s alleged co-conspirators are still at large. In the words of the state: “Defendant elected, however, not to identify certain people with whom she conspired and committed the crimes in this case. That, of course, is her right, but it restricts her usefulness.” They also noted  that she has “a continuing desire to protect the last remaining fugitives.”

We applaud Rebecca Rubin for maintaining her courage and integrity. She will soon be transferred to federal prison where she can consistently receive letters of solidarity, as well as books, and funds to purchase food and other necessities not provided to her by the prison.

Once released Rebecca will be forced to serve a two year period of supervised release and will be ordered to pay “$13,905,815.90 in mandatory restitution” to the victims (earth rapers and animal abusers) of her “crimes.” Support Rebecca Rubin!


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