Lawsuit Challenges FBI’s Use of No-Fly List to Recruit Snitches

Kevin Iraniha

Kevin Iraniha was pressured to talk to the FBI after being placed on no-fly list

The FBI has found that one way to recruit otherwise reluctant informants is to deny their ability to travel in commercial airplanes unless they are willing to cooperate. In 2012 Kevin Iraniha, a known pro-Palestinian and anti-war activist, was blocked from boarding a flight to his home and birthplace in San Diego, California after attending a graduation celebration in Costa Rica. He and other mainly Muslim men have been pressured to talk to the FBI, after it is suggested that if they provide the right kind of information, they will be allowed to travel again freely.

A lawsuit brought this week by the Center for Constitutional Rights and the Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility project, on behalf of four such men, seeks to force the FBI to change their practices. As the bureau operates presently, there is no notification for being placed on a no-fly list and no way to appeal it.


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