Jacob Sherman Reminds us that He is Still a Snitch-Ass Piece of Shit

jake sherman It’s almost tempting to want to give Jacob Sherman a pass. As a teenage wannabe earth warrior, he fucked up and bragged about his night time exploits to impress girls. Then, when the cuffs were on, he snitched out his friends in hopes of getting a lighter sentence. That is of course unforgivable, but since his release from prison (as far as we know) he’s steered clear of radical movement spaces and communities where he shouldn’t be welcome. He’s been sticking to liberal mainstream causes and perusing a career in “sustainability education.” But obviously our old comrade Jake hasn’t learned a thing about taking person responsibility. Sherman has been paying court ordered restitution money to the earth-raping companies that he attacked back in 2001 and now the government is moving to garnish his wages to get more money out of him, faster. This gave Sherman a chance to talk to the press about this injustice. So what did he say? “It’s unfortunate the government has taken this step. I’ve been told that two co-defendants are delinquent.” Apparently old habits die hard, and Jake Sherman thinks that the best way to get out of a bad situation, is to point a finger at others. He apparently wishes that the forest destroying companies, that he once sought to sabotage, should be getting more money, just not from him! People who see Jake, and rightly want to punch him in the face, should be aware that it’s a sure bet that he’ll turn you into the police after, if he’s able. Sherman is currently a “sustainability official” at Portland State University.