Corporate Thug Caught Infiltrating Standing Rock Camp


Kyle Thompson is an employee of Knightsbridge Risk Management who was recently unmasked while heavily armed, and disguised as a water protector near the #NoDAPL camp in Standing Rock, North Dakota. He was working for and driving a vehicle registered to Dakota Access, the company attempting to build an oil pipeline underneath the areas water supply.

Thompson became aggressive and threatened water protectors with and assault rifle after he was confronted, but being outnumbered he was convinced to lower his weapon and Bureau of Indian Affairs officers took him into custody. He has since been released and it doesn’t look the courts will hold him accountable.

Thompson served a 15-month tour in Iraq with the U.S. Army 1-89th, 2nd Brigade and went on to become a mercenary for hire working for corporate oil interests at home. The truck that he drove was put to good use by water protectors who built a burning road blockade out of it.


It’s likely that there are many more undercover informants and agitators sewing disharmony in the ranks of those opposed to the pipeline and funneling intel to their corporate and government masters.

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