Snitch Database

Overtime we will be adding pages on each of the individuals listed below. We will be including as much detailed and current information we possibly can. In the meantime look to the Earth First! Journal’s Informant Tracking site and others “Snitch Trackers” listed. Let us know if you think we’ve omitted anyone or if you have any information to share about those listed. Contact us at snitchwatch[at]



Shaquille Azir

Brandon Darby

Andrew C. Darst

Chris Dugger


Marilyn Hedstrom

Mark Jacobs


Zachary Jenson

Rachel Nieting

Lauren Weiner

Animal Rights / Liberation

David Agranoff

Harrison David Burrows

Kevin Clark

Heather Courtney

Clinton Colby Ellerman

Douglas Joshua Ellerman

Jacob Ferguson

Cliff Goodman

Alan Hoffman

Jennifer Kolar

Adrian Radford

Justin Samuel

Jessica Sandham

Nicole Standford-Viehl

Darren Todd Thurston

Mauricio Vicente De La Vega

Robyn Weiner

Earth Liberation & Eco

David Agranoff

Frank Ambrose

Jacquelyn Caul

Angela Marie Cesario

Katherine Christianson

Katherine Clark

William Jensen Cottrell

Aaron Ellringer

Michael Fain

Jacob Ferguson

Stephanie Fultz

Chelsea Gerlach

Jennifer Kolar

Mark Kennedy

Ryan Lewis

George Mashkow Jr.

Jared McIntyre

Stanislas Gregory Meyerhoff

Lacey Phillabaum

Matthew Rammelkamp

Jeremy David Rosenbloom

Suzanne Savoie

Jacob Sherman

Sarah “Kendall” Harvey Tankersley

Kevin Tubbs

Ian Wallace

Briana Waters


Adrian Lamo

Hector Xavier Monsegur

One comment on “Snitch Database

  1. Trey says:

    if you live in Michigan check out “stop snitching-Michigan Page” on facebook. we are trying to have all known michigan snitches listed. Post your snitches today!!!1

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